All-in-One Business Text Messaging

Tired of juggling email, phone calls, and different apps to communicate with your customers and staff?
SMS Dubai offers a one-stop solution for all your business texting needs.

Automate your business process

Tired of juggling email, phone calls, and different apps to communicate with your customers and staff? SMS Dubai offers a one-stop solution for all your business texting needs.

Powerful Features

SMS Dubai goes beyond simple texting. It allows mass messaging, SMS marketing, two-way chat, appointment reminders, and more.

Reach Everyone:

Engage with customers, leads, and staff through their preferred channel - text messages - on their mobile devices.

Two-way Communication:

Keep conversations flowing and respond to inquiries quickly with built-in chat functionality.

Automate Workflows:

Save time by automating routine communication tasks by connecting SMS Dubai to over 1,000 apps.

Explore the key use cases of business text messaging

Discover the limitless possibilities of our business text messaging platform – improve communication, elevate SMS marketing, and improve customer service with conversational two-way texting.

Delight your customers with real-time support. SMS chat is the perfect tool for maintaining strong connections with customers while on the move. With instant two-way texting, you can quickly address their queries and build long-lasting relationships.
Integrate SMS with other support channels: Connect SMS Dubai to your helpdesk ticketing software or any essential app via API, Email to SMS, or Zapier. This ensures multi-channel, next-level support for enhanced customer interactions.
Share exclusive promotions and discounts: Surprise your customers and build lasting relationships by crafting personalized deals with custom links, coupons, or discount codes. Watch sales soar as customers happily redeem their exclusive offers!
Send product launch announcements: Create a buzz around a new product or service by alerting your subscriber list via SMS campaigns ahead of the official release, giving them a heads-up so that they can be among the first to explore and purchase your new offering.
Reduce no-shows and fill last-minute openings: Missed appointments are both inconvenient and costly. To prevent that from happening, send a friendly reminder text message to clients a few days, hours, or minutes before their scheduled appointment.
Schedule recurring service appointments with ease: Inform clients about their scheduled service slots, whether for car maintenance, house cleaning, or repair work. Timely reminders help clients to prepare, ensuring smoother service execution for both parties.
Send company-wide updates & announcements: Keep your staff and teams up-to-date on new products, services, policy changes, events, and deadlines. You can also schedule personal reminders and send to-do lists to increase productivity.
Deliver business-critical downtime alerts: To ensure seamless operations and minimize disruption, alert your staff when internal systems, software, or tools are down for scheduled maintenance or if they are experiencing unexpected technical issues.
Promote upcoming events & send invitations: Delight attendees with personalized invites for events, seminars, or workshops and allow them to RSVP directly via text. Adding a personal touch increases engagement and boosts event attendance.
Notify attendees of last-minute changes: Notify attendees of any sudden alterations to the venue, timing, or guest speakers, thus ensuring that everyone stays well informed. By offering real-time clarifications, you enhance the experience and reduce potential confusion.
Elevate awareness with emergency alerts: Swiftly inform people about the necessity to evacuate due to a hazard like a fire or other emergency. You can provide a brief list of essential safety measures and evacuation routes to ensure that the response is efficient and well organized.
Inform customers with package delivery notifications: Keep recipients informed about the precise status of their deliveries by providing real-time tracking links, estimated arrival times, potential delays, and the name of the courier, thus enhancing clarity and anticipation.

Reach audiences who prefer text-based communication

We have simplified the process of connecting with your recipients. Learn why different target groups prefer texting over other communication channels.

Getting Started

Get started in three easy steps. Create an account, load credit and start sending and receiving texts.


Create an account

Sign up and follow the wizard to select the preferred sender of your texts based on the local network requirements.


Load prepaid credit

Buy prepaid SMS credit and activate auto-recharge to ensure that the service runs with no interruptions.


Send & receive SMS

Now, you're all set to start sending and receiving texts using our powerful business text messaging service.

Loved by professionals

After Using SMS Dubai, we experienced a great returns, highly reliable and stable service that helped us to bring our product to the next level.

Mike Camp Reasle LLC

i'm Really happy to have found SMS Dubai. The interface and ease of use makes our work way easier and quick.

John Camp Nero Corp



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